Kari Jobe’s Find you on my knees is a powerful song! Check it out!

When I first heard this song, I was stunned. I was going through a tough phase at that time and hearing this song made me forget everything. Kari Jobe is an angelic singer!! There is something about her voice that helps me connect back with God. I believe in God, but I have to admit when things don’t go my way and frustration builds, my beliefs are questioned. I was so confused and upset and at times I still am. I was afraid to let anyone else in and so I didn’t let him heal me. But now I have opened up and I am letting him heal me now slowly.


Hello world!

Welcome everyone! I just want to share what goes through my mind at times when I struggle in life. The world is so unfair sometimes, you are forced to be something that the society expects is the best for you. I may not always win but I want to fight through and see how it goes. 😀